Monday, December 3, 2012


The fact is the endeavor that I have set out to do is a reflection of a life facing a monumental challenge, and in that sense, it is the perfect stage in which to put the message out.  Doing the simple math, in order to make the goal as far a mileage, I need to ride my bike, or any bike for that matter, a little over 30 miles every day.  That means every day, no days off from the bike, 30+ miles a day.  Of course, it goes without saying, that there may be days here and there that I simply won't be able to get on the bike.  That means the miles get carried forward.  Miss a ride, the next ride could be 60 miles. Miss too many rides and I won't be able to recover the goal.  That means this will be hinged on consistency and a complete dedication to making this goal. 

It will be important to take advantage of every opportunity I get to ride.  I have already decided that I will outfit one of the unused police bikes and I'll factor in some police patrol riding.  The miles count and I can stay in touch with some patrol skills. Also, I think it is going to mean some early mornings before work, a bunch of commuting, taking advantage of group rides, and basically whatever it takes.  I have this vision of commandeering some kid's Big Wheel toward the end of the day.  "Hey, kid!  Gimme your ride!  I need five more miles today!"

And, I think a simple rule should be put in place.  Indoor spin or stationary bike rides don't count!  They can be used for fitness, but let's face it, there is really nothing that captures the spirit of a mission while spinning o a gerbil machine.  They are great to lose weight, but not for this.  What does this mean for me?  There's gonna be some coooold and wet rides to come.  Bring 'em on!

My friend Karin likes to call my bike ideas, "kooky", and for once I think she may be right.  With what I feel is riding on this (literally), I do not think that failure is an option.  I always picture that there is someone out there depending on me to complete this mission.  Not only can I not fail for me, I cannot fail for those whom I ride.

Now, can someone please change the length of the day to say, 26 hours?

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