Monday, December 31, 2012

He we go!

Tomorrow, it all begins.  I am at the same time apprehensive, excited, and hopeful for what this adventure and mission will bring.  Today, a reporter from a local television station came by the house to interview me about my coming out about my depression and the bike mileage goal for the year.  I wasn't concerned about the public aspect of it, per se.  That's what this is all about after all, but at the same time, there isn't any backing out now.  When you have a full time job, a little kid, and any number of things that come up, carving out time to make 11,000 riding miles is no small task.  But, when this task is done, I am hoping that any doubt about what someone with depression or any other kind of mental illness can do is wiped away.  That being said, I am worried...

Here is the deal.  My five year old has the flu.  Not a cold, but a for sure diagnosed case of the F-L-U.  He's got the whole she-bang -- fever, coughing, aches, runny/stuffy nose, and lethargy.  Now, going back to the idea that in order to make 11,000 miles, I need to do about 30 miles a day without fail, if I get the flu, one of two things will happen.  One, ride with the flu.  Lying in bed with the flu is bad enough.  Pedaling a bike with the flu is sheer misery, and I can image what manner of excretions from my face I'll be dealing with.  Not pretty.  The second option is skip days and stay in bed, but what that means is then I have to make up the miles, meaning those miles need to be made up somewhere, so monster miles would be looming.  I don't want to get behind the curve right from the start, that's for sure.

I like option three.  Option three is I don't get the flu, and somehow this strain is one in which I got a vaccination earlier in the year.  You see, this year, I didn't get a shot, because I'm one of those hard heads who believes that the flu shot makes me sick.  In fact, last year, after I got the needle, I was feeling awful for about a month and a half.  Making a quick comparison, it seems like a better deal to be flattened for a week than to feel blah for over a month.  Do I have a scientific explanation for last year's cruddy feeling?  Nope.  Just my take, but bottom line is I didn't get a flu shot this year and I am currently three feet from a child version of a giant germ who wants to, more than ever, give kisses and hugs and share food.  My immune system is probably at Def-con 5.

So, tomorrow I have 30 miles on the schedule, and maybe a few more.  I am hoping, really hoping that the ride is a mundane, non-eventful trip, and not a monumental challenge day one.  I know, in fact am betting, that there will be some tremendously difficult days, because let's face it, those are interesting and meaningful to write about.  Just not tomorrow, and not involving the flu. 

Oh, and just a reminder, with each blog hereafter and through 2013, I will post a link to my online bike journal and twitter account for more information sharing for anyone interested, or just really, really bored.

So, here we go, and by the way - Happy New Year!

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